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You are expected to be willing to work on the bike, or have someone available to help. We are always here to help with free advice and the parts, but we do NOT pay for labor. Any motorized bike will, at some point, require maintenance, upkeep, troubleshooting, and replacement of the occasional part. If you are not willing to learn/do/or get help to do this type of work (tightening, loosening bolts, adjusting cables, etc, possibly taking off a transmission housing and replacing a clutch, adjusting rear wheel alignment, loosening/tightening the chain, cleaning, etc), then please think carefully before purchasing this product. There is a degree of responsibility that comes with owning and operating these types of products.



We offer flat shipping fee for Vehicles in eight (8) Canadian provinces (BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, QC, NB, NS). This does not include the three territories, NL and PEI. Also, there may be an additional charge for vehicle freight for hard to reach areas or hold for pick-up at one of our warehouses. We will ask you to confirm the additional shipping amount before we ship your vehicle and your signature will be required. All other countries and international orders require additional freight charges. ALSO, THERE MAY BE AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR VEHICLES AND PARTS FREIGHT TO HARD TO REACH AREAS. This only applies to less than 5% of orders and is a matter that is quite frankly out of our hands. 

Shipping fees table for parts only

Base 9.99 $ 0-50km or from 250gr to 499gr

Base 14.99 $ 50-500km or from 500gr to 4999gr

Base $ 19.99 + 500km or more than 5000gr

The professional delivery rate is $ 14.99 minimum and surcharges are billed to the reseller.



By purchasing an MAZI MOTORSPORTS vehicle, you agree to the following terms and conditions. MAZI MOTORSPORTS vehicles are intended for closed circuit use only. Any use of an APOLLO vehicle involves risks and perils, and these are the responsibility of the user and/or a third party under his supervision. APOLLO will not be held liable for any accidents or abuse caused by the use of its products.



Always be equipped with adequate safety equipment including a D.O.T. helmet and a cervical protection. Always use a MAZI MOTORSPORTS vehicle with care and diligence in compliance with all laws and regulations. Negligent or abusive use of an APOLLO vehicle can have serious consequences.



By purchasing an MAZI MOTORSPORTS vehicle, you agree to use the vehicle exclusively on a private property. MAZI MOTORSPORTS vehicles are intended for use in closed circuit and are not permitted on public roads or highways.

Off-road vehicle: Off-road vehicles sold by MAZI MOTORSPORTS are intended for outdoor use, on flat or slightly uneven terrain and free of obstacles of more than 10 cm. The vehicle must not be operated by an adult and is manufactured to support a maximum weight of 50 kg and less. The vehicle is for individual use and is not designed to carry a passenger. The driver must limit himself to a maximum speed of 32 km / h at all times. Driving on a steep upward or downward slope of more than 10 ° is strongly discouraged. Jumps and other dangerous maneuvers such as speed and sharp turns should be avoided. Vehicles with semi-automatic or manual transmission must be properly operated using gear shifting depending on driving. If one or more of the above conditions of use is not respected, the legal guarantee does not apply.

Competition vehicles: sold by MAZI MOTORSPORTS Motors are intended for closed circuit use only in a competition or practice environment. Competition vehicles are exempt from any manufacturer's warranty, legal warranty or any other type of warranty whatsoever.




Every purchase of an MAZI MOTORSPORTS vehicle and equipment is a final sale. No refunds will be granted as part of this purchase. It is imperative for all buyers to properly inspect the vehicle prior to taking possession and report any anomalies to the retailer immediately. 


Every MAZI MOTORSPORTS vehicle is backed by a 90-day limited warranty against manufacturing defects. This warranty takes effect when the merchandise leaves the premises of Apollo Motors and must be notified to Apollo in writing using the form made available to you.

• This warranty is not transferable and does not cover damages due to improper use or improper maintenance;

• This warranty only covers replacement of defective parts; labor cost may be charged;

• This warranty does not cover damages to the vehicle due to improper use, lack of maintenance, harsh environment; accident, alteration, abuse or neglect.

• This warranty does not cover transmission parts or damage to other parts that may result from a transmission failure;



You can cancel an order at any time before it ships. However, processing fees will be charged to your refund of 3% with a minimum of 35$. Once your order has been shipped, it is impossible to cancel the order.


If you cannot abide by these terms, do not place your order.

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